Sarah Jane Bissagar

 Today I had what I can only describe as an out of body experience and I now feel absolutely amazing and totally chilled!!! I went to see the lovely Holly Jade Stevens at Junk and Disorderly and I had a reiki session I can not express enough how amazing this treatment is - Holly is fantastic!!! I feel like my whole body has been cleansed, I feel totally de-stressed, it's sounds silly but I feel almost like I'm floating it truly is the most amazing feeling in the world I can not recommend to you enough Hollys reiki treatment if you want to feel chilled, relaxed and de-stressed (but it's also more than that - you have to try it to understand and it's better than any massage or any other alternative therapy I've ever had) then please give Holly a call - it's the business - thank you so so much Holly xxx 

Lisa Nastri

 Every time we drive past my daughter asks if we can pop in we never had until day ...what a beautiful shop you have and the lady who served us was so lovely we will definitely be coming back ...merry Christmas ! 

Wizadora Shine

 Visited this shop with hubby on our amethyst anniversary. Lovely lady who runs the shop was so helpful and even gave me one of the items I was buying as a gift and said congratulations. Beautiful shop with beautiful souls 

Kavitha Sris Niranjan

 Absolutely love this little haven of a shop! The owners (Holly) has created such a beautiful sacred place! I just love popping in here, just to feel the ambience. Holly is just so warm and inviting and has so much wisdom to share! 

Roza Cooper

 I love this shop there isn't a shop any where else locally that sells the wonderful magical, mystical goods, gifts that Junk 'n' Disorderly sell. You can buy things for the Children, Stocking fillers, Beautiful hand carved ornaments, garden funiture, decorations, gift wrapping paper. What I love the most is the Pure Essential oils used for Aromatherapy they are very cheap. The crystal gem stones for healing, crystal balls, tarot cards and lots more. The beautiful smelling Baby Raven Candles I musn't forget those hand made lovingly by Grammar Trishy. The fragrances are devine, I just love them. Tealight and stands, tinned with their very own name label telling you what they smell of (take a sniff to see which ones you like) and glass jars. They make the perfect gift. 

Laura Williamson

 Lovely shop and nice people who own it. About time we have a fab shop like this. A 'mystical' shop that I my cup of tea. Love all the witchcraft bits,candles,oils,books then kids things like lovely jewelery boxes.